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"We enable the disabled"


Who are we?

DAPE Garage has been producing & designing varieties of rehabilitation based products for people with disabilities for more then 5 years. Driving Aids is one of the most highly sought product amongst our ranges of products.
Driving Aids is a Hand-Driving-Control mechanical device installed inside a car/bus/lorry/etc that enables people with disabilities to drive. For example, disable Hand-Driving-Control system for people with paralysis from waist and below, Accelaration & Brake Pedal Extender for dwarves, manual clutter foot adjustments for manual cars, 
left-Foot acceleration pedal remodelling from the right to left for (right ankle) amputee, three-wheeled motorcycle renovation (Side car), driver & passenger seat remodeling to ease entry to vehicles, supply varieties of power and manual wheelchairs and more.
Our aim is to keep innovating thus becoming a solution provider and enabler for people with certain disabilities to carry out their daily activities and indirectly improve the quality of life.

Featured products


Left Foot Acceleration Gas Pedal LFA 1

Suitable for people suffering from Stroke and right leg amputees. Easily convert for any vehicle to operate as left foot accelerator allowing the user with disabilities to use the accelerator pedal for any car, truck or van with the left foot.
eft foot.

Driving Adaptor Pedal Extender DPE 1

This extender acceleration pedal and brakes are suitable for Dwarves. The angle and length can be adjusted from 4.7 inch to 7.6 inch makes this kit perfect for people with height of 4.5 feet – 5 feet tall.


Letter from DAPE Garage


Everyone at DAPE Garage dedicates our times, efforts and resources to those who are disabled in an effort to solve mobility & rehabilitees problems. We explore ever-expanding technologies and techniques. But disabilities are often complicated and change with time, necessitating future evaluations and study.
Our clients often have ideas of what they want or need before they come to us. We encourage discussion of those concepts. A relationship of understanding is imperative for finding the solutions to the problem a disability can present. 
We, in turn, explain the flexibilities and limitations of new technologies and equipment. In the final analysis, we seek what works for our clients.
We well understand that disabilities present serious limitations and the ability to adapt to new equipment may be stressful. Older equipment may have become familiar over time and the new will certainly be different. We will do our best within the parameters of adjustments to fit the required equipment to the specific need. As we dedicate ourselves to the solution of the problem, we request patience and adaptive effort.
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