Children’s Cerebral Palsy wheelchair aluminum alloy high back disability

Children’s Cerebral Palsy wheelchair aluminum alloy high back disability

Brand: FS Oph
Product Name: Manual Wheelchair
Model: FS985LBYGC
Manufacturer: Foshan Dongfang Medical Equipment Factory Co., Ltd.

Dimensions: 104 cm x 52 cm x 118 cm
Front wheel specifications: 15 cm
Rear wheel specifications: 40 cm
Maximum load: 75 kg
Folding width: 38 cm
Backrest height: 41 cm
Seat depth: 36 cm
Handrail height: 17 cm
Handrail spacing: 40 cm
Weight: 21 kg
Sliding offset: 271mm
Minimum turning radius: 760mm
Minimum hoop width: 1363mm
Seat cushion material: Oxford cloth

RM 2,300

Smooth performance:
The seat or backrest angle of this product is adjustable. Before you adjust the angle of the wheelchair, make sure that the axle of the rear wheel of the wheelchair is in its best position. Do not move the rear wheel axle of the wheelchair forward, otherwise it will change the distribution of the center of gravity of the wheelchair and make the wheelchair unbalanced.

Before adjusting the angle of the wheelchair, it must be ensured that the wheelchair itself is stable regardless of whether the cushion of the wheelchair is 180° or 90° to the ground. Moreover, the antireverse wheel is adjusted to the lowest position (the minimum distance from the ground is also guaranteed.
It must be ensured that both self-locking brakes can work.

When adjusting the wheelchair angle, the two gas springs of the seat (backrest) should be telescopic at the same time. If only one of the gas springs is active, do not adjust the angle of the wheelchair seat cushion, otherwise it will be dangerous. When tilting or stowing the wheelchair, make sure the patient is in the right position to keep the patient safe.

Structure and composition:
It consists of a frame, front wheel, rear wheel, cushion, armrest, pedal and rear wheel brake or locking device, wherein the frame is made of aluminum alloy.
Safety instructions:
- All wheelchair adjustments should be carried out without a ride unless otherwise stated
- When you are in a wheelchair and want to take a wheelchair accident (such as: front and rear of the wheelchair, both sides), please be careful not to oversize the body, so as not to fall over the weight of the wheelchair.
- Before using the wheelchair, please check if the armrests, handles, etc. are loose. If so, please contact a professional technician.
- Take care of your wheelchair, especially on the slopes.
- Please do not try to take the item in a body forward manner.
- Don't bend over your knees in order to pick up items on the ground.
- Please do not change your sitting position when you lean back, otherwise the wheelchair will fall over.
- The device for the wheelchair lock wheel is not a brake device, so please do not use the lock wheel to stop the wheelchair in progress.
- Please read the product manual carefully or purchase and use it under the guidance of medical staff
- Forbidden content or precautions can be found in the manual.
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